Friday, March 8, 2019

Now Finalizing 2019 Schedule

If you are a presenter and have not yet sent your final blurb, please do so asap. Thank you! I hope to have a preliminary schedule up in March. We have much to celebrate! Ann Brigit Waters has secured a permanent May Pole for Beltane, and we are very excited to have a full day of Beltane focus on Thursday, with Walspurgisnacht to occur the night before on May 1. Regular Symposium curriculum will begin Friday morning. Dennis Hiller's memorial will be on Saturday evening, with a loving tribute. If you have not yet made your reservations and are not a presenter, please do so asap. Camping is available for a fee, too.

Blessed Spring!

Rev. Rain Graves

Monday, January 7, 2019

Symposium & Beltane 2019!

We are delighted to announce an expanded Beltane event for 2019, beginning with a feast on May 1st, with a full day of celebrations throughout May 2. May 3 will begin with our usual Egyptian Pantheon of Mystery Schools. Please note that the pricing has increased slightly due to the ever-rising cost of food and shortage of housing due to the fires. All funds raised during our Spring and Fall events go directly to help Temple of Isis, which directly helps our communities in need. We look forward to seeing you soon, and while the schedule will not be posted here until March, we direct you to our Facebook Event Page for the latest announcements. Those wishing to present please note: Submissions have been open since October, and we urge you to get in your final requests to present with blurbs via email asap.

Happy New Year!

Rev. Rain Graves

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Final Schedule for 2018 is Posted

Our Final Schedule for the Five Year Anniversary of the Inner Sanctum Symposium on Infinite Possibilities is now live. View it here.

If you have not already done so, please call the Oasis to make your overnight accommodations. Space is limited and filling up, but alternate options include Day Passes and Camping. Call 707-857-ISIS (4747) and mention the Symposium to get your special rate. See you soon!

Rev. Rain Graves
Geyserville, CA

Friday, April 6, 2018

2018 Preliminary Schedule Announced!

Our 2018 Preliminary Schedule has been posted. This is subject to minimal change, and may include a swap of one or two presenters if they are unable to make it, which will be filled in by our waiting list. We are very excited to celebrate our 5 year anniversary with you! If you have not already reserved space, please call the Oasis and do so, as we nearly sold out last year.

2018 Speakers Announced!

The Preliminary Schedule has been sent to presenters for review and finalizing. Look for an update today or tomorrow with the preliminary schedule for 2018 posted to the link that still shows 2017. The official list is (in order of appearance in Egyptian portion as many are repeats in Beltane):

Annie Waters
Quimera Tribe
Marilu Ishtar
Samantha Grey
Mazin Mahgoub
Avilynn Pwyll
Sama Morningstar
DeTraci Regula
Lois Flood
Linda Iles
Michael Starsheen
Kiel Milner
Marylyn Motherbear
Kasey Conder
Rain Graves
Anandha Ray
Carolina A. Amor
Arisa Victor
Serena Kefira Leclerc

We do have a waiting list of presenters, and as these events are fluid with the Universe, it is possible to be on the waiting list and still present. Currently, we have two waiting presenters.


Rev. Rain Graves

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Dear Past Presenters and Those Interested in Future Presenting,

We are turning five! It's hard to believe, but it is an amazing achievement for all of you that continue to participate to make this event what it is: A loving, light-filled platform of learning, teaching, and making magic in the world.

It's time once again to send in your presentation proposals if you have not already done so. As a reminder, proposals must be themed or connected to the Egyptian Pantheon of Mysteries. We have a limited number of spaces available, and proposals must be in by March 1, 2018 to be considered. Anything after that date will be considered only if space is still available.


I would like to remind ordained Priests and Priestesses that the Inner Sanctum Symposium on Infinite Possibilities will be held at Isis Oasis Sanctuary on May 3-6, 2018 - Beginning with our Beltane Celebration. As with last year, for Beltane only, we will deviate from the traditional "Egyptian Only" theme to lend more of a Fellowship of Isis teaching and practicum, and the day/evening will be entirely driven by various types of Beltane history, including largely the Ancient British Isles.

We have two open spots for priests in our Beltane rite, as Michael Starsheen and Kiel Milner will not be able to travel to the Symposium this year. Please contact me directly. Annie Waters and myself, with Celestine Star, Motherbear, and Anandha Ray will be spearheading each ritual and organizing that day to make it even more amazing than last year.

May is the beginning of High Season, too, so please reserve your space/rooms early. There are only 15-20 spots for presenters this year (including entertainment) and many have filled up. One presentation per individual is allowed, to keep things open for new presenters.

Please send me your paragraph blurb of what you would like to present as soon as possible to secure your spot. We will be keeping to the same schedule-type as last year's Symposium, since it worked so well for everyone. As always, presenters receive one free night (24 hrs room and board in the Nesu House) in exchange for their presentation, or as deTraci likes to say, "two nights for the price of one."

2018 costs are as follows:

"Shared Room - Lodge (per person): $115/night (includes all meals).
Dorm - (per person): $70/night (includes all meals).
Camping - (per person): $55/night (includes two meals).
Day Passes - $50 (includes two meals and all events between 11am and 11pm).

Presenters will receive one free night for their presentation, and additional nights at the regular rate. All presenters stay in the Nesu House. (unless otherwise requested for medical reasons).

As always, if you are a sponsor with students, this counts towards their curriculum and training. Presenters often need assistants with rites and rituals, and this is an excellent time for those students to learn from a variety of teachers with different magical backgrounds. I have two students this year that I am sponsoring, though their teaching has been on hold - Emlyn and Nina. Please let me know if you will need their assistance.

Two Lady Loreon Vigne Scholarships are available for students studying for ordination this October. You may apply with a short essay that explains your hardship, your present training, and chosen Goddesses/Gods, and what you hope to do in future with your ministry after ordination. Your Sponsor may also nominate you, but we will be following up with them individually to learn more of your strengths and progress. The scholarship includes all meals, a space in the dorm, and admission to all events for free.

There will be only four volunteer spots available for hardship needs, where volunteers take shifts in the kitchen, time-keeping, set-up for specific presenters in the Grand Temple, and acting as runners for myself, deTraci Regula, and anyone doing check-in.

If you are feeling generous, Temple of Isis can always use donations to help with these events. We are limited by our production costs vs. budget, and for as little as $200 per helper, we can hire stage help, such as a stage manager to keep track of presenter needs and set-ups, technical A/V help, and on occasion, a photographer may be willing to work for a limited number of hours for this amount, so that we have records for our archives. We include free room/board (dorm) and attendance for these individuals, too. Ask me how you can donate to the budget, if interested, by replying to this email.

Temple of Isis views events like Convocation and Symposium as fundraisers for the Temple, so we are happy to receive even small amounts to put towards things. This was a suggestion made to us after Convocation, which we are implementing, so that we might be able to enhance your experience as an attendee or presenter, with a smooth-running event.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long update...and may the blessings of the Goddess be abundantly yours for 2018. It's going to be a great year for magic!

Love, Light, and Lavender Fields,

Rev. Rain Graves
Temple of Isis & Fellowship of Isis
San Francisco, Geyserville, and Houston

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


The Inner Sanctum Symposium on Infinite Possibilities will celebrate its 5 Year Anniversary on May 3-6, 2018. Beltane will be back by popular demand, and we recommend you make your reservations and presentation pitches early.


Lodge Room, Shared Occupancy: $115/night
Dorm: $70
Day Passes: $55

Camping rates are also available. Contact Rain to pitch your teaching workshop or lecture.