Saturday, March 8, 2014

Call For Presenters

Greetings and warm blessings from Geyserville, California!

We are very excited about our community driven event this August, and would like to invite you to participate, as well as present. Is there something you do uniquely well within your Goddess/God worship, ritual, or teachings, that you would like to share with others on the Isian path? We are looking for Priestesses and Priests in the Temple of Isis, Fellowship of Isis, or other Egyptian Pantheonistic practice to help broaden our gifts and knowledge, so that we can continue the tradition of helping others well-round their skill sets. So many liturgies, so little time!

As a community, we have so many wonderful practitioners that have very specific skills that many others would like to learn. Have you ever seen a ritual or event and wondered, "How does she do that? Where can I learn to do it?" The Inner Sanctum Symposium is all about those Infinite Possibilities. At a time when Isis is making herself more known than ever in the modern past, achieving our goals in seeking her wisdom often lies within the wisdom of others.

We invite you to send us an email with a brief (paragraph or two) biography and a proposed workshop, ritual, or lecture for our event. As this website is under construction, we will be adding presenters to our growing list, and making the programming tract as complete as possible. Whether it is Tarot, obscure Goddess/God knowledge, specific tools or meditations you have to offer, we want to hear from you. We are inclusionary, not exclusionary. Our only requirements are:

--You must be a practicing ordained priestess or priest (credentials may be checked)
--Your presentation must include an Egyptian-centric theme
--You must commit to being present for the full weekend (though you do not have to attend or participate in all presentations, it is encouraged)
--You must be kind and considerate of others

Presenters will be compensated with one night and one day of free room and board (accommodations in the Nesu House at Isis Oasis, a continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner). There will not be competing presentations, so our attendees will be able to participate in everything, if they wish.

Please email Rain with your information as indicated above, and after we have had time to review your proposal, Rain and Lady Loreon will be making the final decisions on programming. Space is limited, so please let us know if you wish to present as soon as possible. We will post again when all slots are filled, but expect this to be an organic process. Presenters may wish to present more than one workshop if there is space available.

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you in August!