Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our Revised Schedule is Now Posted

Please take a moment to review our Revised Schedule, which incorporates some shifts in timing and presentations, allowing for the High Holy Ritual on Saturday night to be dedicated to a formal memorial to our late co-hostess, Lady Loreon Vigne, Archpriestess in the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis, and creator/proprietress of Isis Oasis. This is the first of two memorials; the second one will occur at Convocation this October, and will be opened to the general public.

Many of you have had questions on how to make reservations after Loreon's passing, and this may be accomplished in the same ways as before - via telephone or online. If you wish to verify a prior reservation made before her passing, please feel free to do so. We are happy to accommodate you and any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in August!

Rev. Rain Graves
Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis
Isis Oasis, Geyserville, CA

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Honoring our Late Archpriestess, Lady Loreon Vigne

It is with sad tidings that we announce today the passing of Lady Loreon Vigne into her journey beyond the veil on July 15th. As she enters the care of Anubis, on her journey to the land of Osiris, we have been holding her noon ceremonies and vigils here at Isis Oasis HQ. She has taught and touched many, and continues to do so with her spirit, within the Temple of Isis and beyond. As co-hostess of this Symposium, Loreon had a hand in creating each and every aspect of it, and we will continue her work throughout the event, being true to her spirit and zest for knowledge, and the sharing of that knowledge.

In addition, we will have a special High Holy Ceremony honoring the life and work of our Great Lady, celebrating her life and artistry. This formal ceremony will be a precursor to a second honoring at our Annual Convocation, where new Priestesses and Priests are ordained into the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis.

In the coming weeks, we will be finalizing our schedule (preliminary is posted, and there are changes being made as I type). Please check back soon for the announcement of final details, presenters, and timing for our memorial. I am especially thankful to Leslie and deTraci for their tireless work in keeping the Temple of Isis and Isis Oasis running smoothly through this transition and beyond, moving forward with Loreon's legacy into the future.

We hope to see you in August and October to grow within the Light of Goddess, Isis of 10,000 Names. May her light inspire you always.

May Isis Bless You,

Rev. Rain Graves
Isis Oasis
Geyserville, CA