Friday, August 15, 2014

The Feast of Hathor and Min - Final Schedule Posted

I am delighted to bring to you the final schedule for the Symposium, where only minor changes have been made. As final preparations are made this week at Isis Oasis, we begin the meditations of visualizing the success of that which we have worked on all spring and summer, as harvest season looms. We invite you to stroll the grounds when you arrive, visit the beautiful birds (the Macaws are especially verbal these days, sometimes even calling "Lora!" after our Great Lady Loreon), and take a walk in the Ankh Labyrinth. We are overwhelmed by a great crop of Isis Candy Tomatoes, so feel free to pick them off the vine and taste their sweetness as you visit the garden.

We have a full tract of programming, beginning at 4pm on Friday evening, with Motherbear presenting God and Goddess charades - test your knowledge and learn at the same time with this fun exploration of attributes and magicality. Not to be missed after, is Miguel Elliott's presentation of slides that will show you his work on the Memorial Bench for Lady Loreon, located in front of her house, which will also welcome visitors to the new Gallery when it is complete later this year, which will feature Loreon's lifetime of artwork.

Dinner will be a glorious affair; don't forget to dress as your favorite God or Goddess, and be prepared to speak a sentence or two about who you are and why you chose them. We will begin with a blessing of Hathor and Min, as a Feast Day beginning, and go around the room with introductions. After getting to know one another and with bellies full, we'll go to the Grand Temple to enjoy an amazing performance by Sausan, one of the best Belly-dancers and instructors around. You'll be inspired, no doubt, to join her workshop on Saturday to learn some of her famous moves.

As if this would not be enough to tickle your imagination and get your Goddess juices flowing - our evening will close with a beautiful visual presentation with guided meditations by Celestine Star. For more details on these opening events, please visit our Schedule page.

Don't forget to peruse our Vendors! Saturday will be the big day for purchases, though Friday will have some set up and ready to go as well. Most take credit cards, though cash is always preferred for smaller purchases. Annie Waters will have gorgeous Goddess clothing, Helen McCrae will have her impressive store of Egyptian goods and some clothing, Rosie Echelmeier's much coveted crowns and circlets will be available for purchase, as well as our Isis Oasis staff Aviary Expert, Mendi, will be doing Henna. The Isis Oasis store still has a limited number of Loreon's enamelcraft rainbow necklaces and pins. She made these with her own hands, and they are inexpensive keepsakes for you to remember her by.

The weather has been mostly hot days, and cool nights. The 10 Day forecast states we may have a break from the super-heat, and enjoy weather in the 80's by day, and mid-to-upper 50s by night. Dress appropriately, and remember to drink lots of water. Water stations will be set up in the Pavilion and Grand Temple to aid your thirst.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Otherwise, I will see you soon!

Rev. Rain Graves
Temple of Isis | Fellowship of Isis
Isis Oasis

Sunday, August 3, 2014

August Updates and Vendors

We are pleased to announce that two presenters that originally had been unable to attend the Symposium, have cleared the obstacles that prevented confirming them publicly, to ensure they can be here (this was no small task for Mana Youngbear). Marylyn Motherbear and Mana Youngbear have been added to our curriculum as originally intended, for your learning pleasure.

We have added information about our Memorial Isis Bench being built by Miguel Elliott, which will bear an inscription dedicated to Lady Loreon Vigne and will greet weary travelers on their way from the front of Loreon's driveway, next to the garden, on to the soon-to-be-renovated Gallery (we hope to open this during Convocation, and feature Lady Loreon's artwork, enamel work, paintings, and stained glass). Attendees will be able to place small glass stones into the decorative areas of the bench, and place a hand print on the back.

Also added to this site is the Vendor's section, which includes Rosie Elchelmeier's famous Spirit of the Goddess crowns and circlets, as well as Isis Oasis staffer and Mistress of the Aviary Mendi, who will be doing henna for attendees. If you have an interest in vending, please let me know. We would be delighted to get you involved.

We look forward to greeting you in person soon!

Rev. Rain Graves
Isis Oasis
Geyserville, CA