Friday, March 18, 2016

2016 Presenters and Preliminary Schedule Announced!

Hello and Happy Spring!

I am pleased to announce our 2016 Presenters are as follows (in the order they appear on the schedule):

deTraci Regula
Dragonfly Adularia
Marylyn Motherbear Scott
Tracy Isadore
Rain Graves
Kalita Todd
Tamara Trejo
Kasey Konder
Michael Starsheen
Kiel Milner
Linda Iles
Carolina Amor
Christy Michaels
Celestine Star
Arisa Victor, aka Granny Rainbow
Serena Toxicat
Mana Youngbear

Not all bios/photos have been added to the Presenter's Page, but will be shortly.

The Preliminary Schedule is also now available, with a few talk descriptions to be added, though names are in place where their events will happen. As usual, this schedule is subject to change and additions, depending on what the Goddess wills for it. :-)

If you have not made your lodging reservations, please do so by contacting Isis Oasis Sanctuary at 707-857-4747.

We are looking for a few good volunteers to help us in the kitchens, as runners, and time-keepers in shifts in exchange for dorm lodgings. Please email Rain with your interest, availability and commitment. 

Last but not least, I am excited to announce two Lady Loreon Vigne Scholarships will be available for those who are students studying to become priests or priestesses in the Temple of Isis or Fellowship of Isis, who have financial hardships. These highly coveted spots for students must be recommended by Sponsors, and may be sent to Rain via email, explaining the merit for them. These individuals will be placed in dorm accommodations, and may attend all events, etc., without volunteering work for trade. Students must commit to attend the full event, and credit goes towards their curriculum towards ordination.