Temple of Isis is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and Isis Oasis Sanctuary is a Center for the Divine Feminine that is under its operation. This event is as much a fundraiser as it is an educational, community driven event that benefits all extended communities of the Isis Family. You do not have to attend to donate to the temple, of course. Donations drive these events as much as help keep the 10 acres of sacred space and all its animals running, fed, watered, and warm in the cold months. To donate, simply select any amount and paypal it to the email isis@isisoasis.org, send a check to our Geyserville address, or call us for other ways to help if you have material goods we can use, such as paint, lumber, perishables, and other useful things. We have provided Sanctuary to not just animals, but humans too, in the face of Wildfires and other disasters.

The Symposium came to me as an idea, shortly after Lady Olivia's memorial at the Temple of Isis in Geyserville, California, in January of 2014. I was staying in the Nesu house with my fellow priestesses and friends, and thought about how many amazing people we have in our community, and the vast amount of specific knowledge each of them had to share, and the uniqueness of their magic. I asked them what they would think of doing an event such as this, and everyone was enthusiastic about it. "Take your idea to Loreon," they all said, and so I did.

Lady Loreon Vigne loved the idea, and as we mulled over what to call it, she said, "I like the word symposium," and so we brain stormed with a few others over what to call our symposium. The Inner Sanctum meant our community, and learning from a sacred source that others might view as hard to tap into from an outsider's prospective. Infinite Possibilities seemed logical; the possibilities of creating and learning were endless for anyone seeking knowledge here, and providing a venue where they could satisfy some of their curriculum for those on the path of priestesshood, was also paramount, as much as the average person just seeking the mysteries and tools to work with them.

It also stemmed from Loreon's mantra, "Inner Sanctum...Infinite Space..." which we often repeat at Isis Oasis to clear our minds and bodies of earthly thought for meditation, or just a peaceful breath in an otherwise chaotic day. She loved the idea of the name, and the "Isis Symposium" was born.

I worked very hard putting the word out as an open call for presentations. People came from all over to be part of the event, and the schedule was largely complete by the time I was visiting Loreon on a bi-weekly basis at Isis Oasis, hammering out the details as we both enjoyed each other's company, creating and envisioning what this could and would be.

Unfortunately, Loreon fell ill in May. deTraci Regula, Leslie Kirk-Campbell and I were being rotated in and out by Loreon (little known to us at the time), staying with her and visiting with her to make sure she was taken care of. On the weekend of July 11-12, I stayed to visit with her, performed what was to be our last ritual together, honoring the Goddess Nuit under a perigee moon. She had made arrangements with me to come and take care of her the following weekend, for 1-2 weeks, but alas, it was not to be. Lady Loreon Vigne, Archpriestess in the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis, Foundress of Isis Oasis Sanctuary and Mother to us all, went gently into her afterlife journey on July 15th, just two days after I had left.

Most of the work had been completed between us, but we still had a lot to do. I had to finalize the schedule, create a Memorial befitting her station, (this turned into several), and grieve her loss at the same time. I helped deTraci and Leslie manage Temple business, see to the altars and priestesses and priests coming to visit and mourn, as well as tend to Loreon herself whenever and wherever asked. We formed a beautiful bond, and it was decided that the Symposium would go on as scheduled, as well as Convocation, which I also wound up planning, though I could not attend due to my sister's wedding that same weekend in Texas.

The Symposium was a culmination of our efforts throughout 2014, and we celebrated Loreon throughout, staying true to her legacy and concepts. The result was beautiful: An entire community coming together, making an amazing scholarly event, laughing and crying, loving and nurturing each and every person there. Miguel made a memorial bench for Loreon which we commemorated at the close of events on Sunday; it sits between the driveway to her house and garden, for all to enjoy. If you look at the back of the bench, you will see stones that everyone present placed with little messages for Loreon to take into her afterlife.

This April, Isis Oasis will be hosting the Inner Sanctum Symposium on Infinite Possibilities again, as a continuation of the same knowledge-sharing event within the Egyptian Pantheon Mysteries, and would like to invite you to participate. It is a scholarly weekend that is meant to be a playground of interesting ideas, practices, ritual, and learning. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. You do not have to be a priestess or priest. You simply must have a healthy curiosity.

As a community, we have so many wonderful practitioners that have very specific skills that many others would like to learn. Have you ever seen a ritual or event and wondered, "How does she do that? Where can I learn to do it?" These and other questions will be answered throughout our programming tract. At a time when Isis is making herself more known than ever in the modern past, achieving our goals in seeking her wisdom often lies within the wisdom of others.

We will have workshops, rituals, meditations, and lectures for your enjoyment, as well as lots of needed downtime meeting new friends and seeing old ones. As our shiny new website is under construction, we will be adding presenters to the ones already listed, and making the programming tract as complete as possible.

All presentations are made by accredited priests and priestesses in the Fellowship of Isis and/or Temple of Isis, and beyond.

Our special pricing makes this affordable for everyone, and we will also be accepting a few volunteers on work-trade. Please keep watching the website for updates and new information as this amazingly fun weekend comes together in an organic, magical way.

We hope to see you in April 2015!

Rev. Rain Graves
Founder & Hostess, Inner Sanctum Symposium
Director of Fundraising, Temple Guardian
Isis Oasis Sanctuary | Temple of Isis