2018 FINAL Schedule

MAY 3-6, 2018
*subject to minor change and additions


Ancient Circles
Helen McCrea
Isis Oasis Egyptian Bazaar Shop
Made With Magic Jewelry
Rosie Elchelmeier Garlands and Crowns (see Rain or DeTraci for these)
Michael Starsheen Books
Thyra’s Eclectic Wod
Diana Preskitt – Tarot Readings
Mendi Moser Feather Headdresses

*Set up may begin any time after 3pm on ***Wednesday***, or anytime on Thursday (Morning is recommended, as we are beginning our festivities at 3-4pm). We have also allotted extra time for browsing in the schedule, in case people choose to go to every event. We will be using the same set-up as last year unless I have spoken to you about a change request, as everyone was quite pleased with the timing.

PRESENTERS: Presentations or Rites where I assumed set-up would be needed have extra time allotted prior to their time slot, both to allow for any overage from the last presenter (though we expect this won’t be the case), and time to arrange things to your liking.

WEDNESDAY *Early Arrivals; Evening Rehearsal of Oracle Rite in Grand Temple


10am: Vendor Set-up

3pm – 4pm: Arrivals and Check-in Opens

3pm – 5pm: Trouble-shooting Electronic Presentations in Grand Temple
Please note: Our regular tech could not make it this year, so it will be each presenter’s responsibility to troubleshoot their own presentations with the equipment we have up and running, Please be respectful of other people’s needs and timing.

3pm – 4pm: Rehearsal of Maypole Rite in Woodhenge Meadow – All Fairies and Guides, others needing to rehearse their parts, please report to Annie Waters

5pm – 6:00pm: Beltane May Pole Celebration with Annie Waters in the Meadow
Outside of Traditional Beltane event order, we chose to create this amazing event while daylight persists, for optimum frolicking. Enjoy a beautiful ceremony empowered by Linda Iles that celebrates the relationships we create and sustain, our relationship to the land as stewards, honoring the Fey Folk and every being that survived the fires, sending healing out to those lands surrounding us that did not. Dance around the May Pole, and celebrate the first ceremony of Beltane.

6:30pm – 8:30pm: Opening Ceremonies and Dinner on the Pavilion – The Feast of Five Years
Enjoy old friends and new ones as we celebrate FIVE YEARS of Symposium! At its inception, neither Loreon nor Rain could have expected such a wonderful community-building event to prosper as it has. We give thanks to all of you with splendid revelry, and as our feast winds down, the Fey Folk will re-awaken to guide you to your next ceremony…

8:30pm – 9:30pm: Beltane Rite of Blessings - Beneath the Great Tree with Rain Graves, and a Performance by Lois Flood
Allow yourself to be led and transported outside by the dancing Fey, led by Ellen of the Ways… Find your seat in circle. Experience the beauty of the Dance of Isadora Duncan with Lois Flood, while sitting beneath the great and sacred 400 year old tree, the center of our spiritual home. We will be honoring all spirits, great and small, and the Tree that binds us together as a community. This year, as we move forward as Stewards of the Land, we will invoke the Gods and Goddesses of Beltane tradition and give them a healing purpose as we rise like a Phoenix in community, helping others with past traumas of the fires—beings great and small, ethereal and surreal. This is energy of intention; we give thanks for all we have and send that thanks and love to the Universe. When our community prospers, we all prosper. We ARE community. At the close of ceremony, once again, the Fey Folk will guide us to our release with Cerridwen by the fire.

9:30 – 10:30pm Beltane Fire Rite at the Fire Pit, with Cerridwen (Marylyn Motherbear Scott)
Join Cerridwen as she stirs her cauldron of fire; release of obstacles and negative energetics that have held you back, purifying your intentions through the fire. Cerridwen will lead us through a ceremony of story-telling and sharing. This event will last well into the night as we bond and share around the sacred flames. If you have a drum, drum it! If you have a voice, sing! If you have a dance, dance it!


8am – 10am: Breakfast

10am – 11am: Sacred Egyptian Belly Dance Class with Marilu Ishtar

Powerful, Empowering and Healing “Sacred Belly Dance:” Rediscover and Nurture the Egyptian Goddess within You! Express yourself and explore this sacred ancient form of religious dance that is said to be performed during fertility rituals by Temple Priestesses, while clearing, activating and embodying the wisdom and energy of your Chakras. Move with intention to honor the creative self and to balance the body’s natural energy systems as you connect body, mind and soul for a total wellness workout! Let body and spirit unite as you learn the mystical and ritual aspects of Belly Dancing.

Using specific rhythms, music, breathing, and movement we will make a sacred journey through each of the seven primary chakras of the human energy system. A brief explanation and lecture about the chakras will be included. Keeping our chakras clear and balanced is very important in supporting our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

11:30pm – 12:30pm: The Unfolding Destiny of Hatshepsut: A Woman Who Would Become King- part 2 with Samantha Grey
In this presentation, we will see the inscriptions, shrines, statuary, and innovative architecture of one of Hatshepsut's most spectacular temples: her mortuary temple also known as Djeser- djeseru, or "holy of holies" built on the Nile's west bank of ancient Thebes and modern day Deir el Bahri. These shrines, statuary, and inscriptions; which read like Hatshepsut's open journal: depict her close relationship with the Egyptian god Amun; her special bond with Hathor; the importance of the sun cult Re; her triumphant trading expedition into the land of Punt; as well as her love and dedication to honor her father- King Thutmose I. All of the above aspects and more will be covered in greater detail. We will come to know the expansive wealth and building projects that she both procured and sustained in Egypt throughout her remarkable 22 year reign.

We will cover Hatshepsut's changing relationship with Thutmose III as she rose to power; as well as discuss the possible motives behind Thutmose III's campaign to erase her name from memory- and how he ultimately failed to do so. Discoveries from the latest archaeological efforts will be uncovered; and we will close with evidence of Hatshepsut's inspiring vision for Egypt. Also, there will be time to both make offerings to Hathor and to receive gifts from Hathor. Egyptian music and a few appetizers will be provided for all to enjoy as well.

1pm – 2:30pm: Lunch & Shopping
*note: Grand Temple Closed for Marilu Ishtar Rehearsal and/or Set-up from 1pm – 2:30pm

2:30pm – 3:30pm: A Vortex Healing Experience with Dragonfly Adularia

3:30pm – 4:30pm: Trauma Release and Healing Meditation with Sama Morningstar

Temple of Isis, as in service to the 10 acres it stands upon, and those in service to the Temple itself, are not immune to traumas, especially those experienced during the wildfires during last year’s Convocation ending. As healers, we are drawn to others we can heal – but who heals the healer? Sometimes we forget ourselves in all we do, and this is a chance to go deep and release your traumas of the past year, and focus on a healing meditation to move you through this cycle, into a cleansed, peaceful state of mind and body.

5:00pm – 6:00pm A Guided Meditation Tour of the 42 Ideals of Ma'at with Avilynn Pwyll
This is a guided tour/combined meditation on the 42 Ideals as posted around Isis Oasis. Each station includes reading from Rev. Loreon Vigne's booklet, a discussion and brief meditation on using the Ideals to guide you through a satisfying life. No one is required to attend the entire journey; it involves walking the entire property, so please wear comfortable footwear and expect some non-paved terrain.

6:00pm – 8:00pm Dinner & Shopping 8:00pm – 9:00pm Egypt in Asia with DeTraci Regula
Eastern myths and Magic of Isis and other ancient Egyptian deities.

9:00pm – 10:30pm Open Rite Night! (Sign-up Sheet is in Pavilion), beginning with a Special Dance Egyptian Bellydance Performance by MARILU ISHTAR and Friends, accompanied by JEFFREY ILES
As promised, back by popular demand! Do you have a short blessing, rite, or bright wisdom to share in a ritual manner? Is it your first time doing so in front of an audience, or are you a seasoned spirit? Sign up for 10 minutes (strictly enforced, so please plan accordingly) and share with your sisters and brothers what has compelled you to, during this beautiful, high-energy time. This is your time to show us how you shine, and how the Goddess shines through you! Timing does not need to end at 10:00pm, but we do urge you to get some Hathor-Beauty sleep.


8am – 10am: Breakfast

10am – 11am: Exploring Tyet with Linda Iles
The Tyet amulet is an ancient symbol associated with the goddess Isis. The origin of this symbol is shrouded in the mists of time, going back into the remote past of ancient Egyptian culture. Knotting and weaving are ingenious arts but in ancient Egyptian magic and spiritual thought, they also had great symbolic significance. Probably the most famous mention of the Tyet, or Knot of Isis, comes to us from Spell 156 of the “Coming Forth by Day.” As another ancient Egyptian text says: “The tyet gave me her arms. … She set me on this holy path …” The history of the tyet will be explored.

11am – 12pm: Exploring the House of Life with Michael Starsheen In ancient Egypt, each temple had an associated House of Life that provided necessary services to the temple, such as priests to tend the scrolls and shrines, cooks, bakers, scribes, and other folk. But many temples Houses of Life also acted as teaching centers for the subjects associated with the god of the temple. For example, in Annu (Heliopolis), astronomy and astrology were taught. In Memphis, engineering was taught at Ptah’s House of Life. At Edfu, the priests of Horus taught blacksmithing. Many of these Houses of Life were famous throughout the Mediterranean for their teachings. This talk will examine the House of Life system, and look in particular at the ones that taught specialized knowledge.

12pm – 12:30pm: Honoring Lady Loreon at the Noon Rite in Small Temple

12:30pm – 2:30pm: Lunch and Shopping

*Note: Grand Temple will be closed for Oracle Ritual Rehearsal and Kiel’s Presentation set up from 12:30pm - 2:30pm

2:30pm – 3:30pm: Self-Renewal through the Agency of Hathor with Kielankhamun Milner
We will begin with a tale of the origin of Hathor and her mirror, then each member will have three minutes to confront the mirror and see what Hathor has for them to see. We will sing a song to bring us back from the mirror meditation, then spend the rest of the time sharing our insights and observations from the Mirror of Hathor! Light refreshments will be served at the end.

3:30pm – 4:00pm – Chairs Set Up in circle for Motherbear in Grand Temple

4:00pm – 5:00pm: Patriarchy, Colonialism and Supremacy Impacting the History and Study of Ancient Egypt – What Does That Mean for Ma’at and Modern Life Relationships? With Mazin Mahgoub
How do the impacts of patriarchy, colonialism and supremacy on the history and study of Ancient Egypt, reflect their impacts on our own narratives, relationships and lives? We will first be introduced to concepts/tools that are lenses for a critical analysis, focused on empowerment and increasing the capacity for empathy through perspective. Then we'll use those lenses to look at the history of Egyptology as a study, its origins in Academia and the dynamics of that institution, and the context of our larger culture, depictions in media, thinking about the ways that dominant narratives are hiding the truth from us about where we truly come from as people. We can then look at a dynamic in our own life, choosing a not-too-intense conflict or situation in our lives that we can use to bring it all home.

5:00pm – 6:00pm: Ohm Sweet Mystery, with Marylyn Motherbear Scott In this presentation, Motherbear, as Mother of Mystery, performs a wisdom revel, illustrating through basic signs and symbols of sacred geometry and mystery traditions, the birthright we experience as Choice. It is through these that a Gnosis may be initiated, an engagement in the Living Mysteries of Life — What Is, What Matters , What Will Be.

Chaos marked the beginning of time. As life on earth crawled out of Primordial Seas and became land-bound, a presiding order prevailed; its basis was the food chain. Survival. The progeneration of human life brought about an order based on the unique ability to witness, on discernment, and the ability to choose. Inner Alchemy, the merging of the divine feminine and the sacred masculine, so visible in the goddesses and gods of Egypt — each with a counterpart, a twin, and/or consort. — is the essence of the Human Work of Being Divine.

Out of the primordial ocean of Nu, touched by the spark of Atum, life began. Their children, first progeny, charted the course of co-creative partnership, Choice and Transformation, the defining feature of their creation journey. The Sacred Marriage of Shu and Tefnut — dualities from within and without — begins the inner alchemy of human-kind, one that brings Chaos into balance with Order. The alchemical task is to achieve a transmutation of form, a higher vibration. The child born of that alchemy is referred to as the True Self.

6pm – 8:00pm Dinner
*Note: Grand Temple will be closed during dinner for Ritual Set-up

8:00pm – 9:00pm The Third Cosmic Ray of Star of Ishtar, FOI Liturgy Correspondences with Rt. Rev. Kasey Conder
A presentation and meditation on correspondences and the oracles of Goddesses in accord with the Third Ray of the Star of Ishtar of the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy Degree Guidelines.

9:00pm – 10:00pm “BECOMING the NETERU,” An Oracle Ritual Theater with Rain Graves, Dragonfly Adularia, DeTraci Regula, Kiel Milner, Michael Starsheen, and more
In this ceremony, Rain and Dragonfly preside as High Priestess and High Priest to channel the vortex energies of the gods and Goddesses from within their ancient Temples, transporting our channeling priests and priestesses into quantum space and time, directing the essence of the Gods and Goddesses to work with them as messengers to bring you words direct from the divine.


10am – 11am: The Faces of Isis: How to Connect with the Goddess of 10,000 Names with Carolina Amor

Isis comes to us in many forms. She may come as Isis, the Mother. She may come as Isis of the Stars. She may come as Isis, the Great Physician. She may come as Isis, the devoted wife, just to name a few. Join me in this workshop to delve into the Mysteries of Isis and learn more about her 10,000 faces. We will explore ways to connect with the Goddess Isis and how to incorporate her different aspects into our daily life.

11:00am – 1:00pm Brunch and Shopping

1pm – 2pm: How to Access the Oracle in You with Rain Graves

As priests and priestesses we are all messengers and vessels for the Goddess. But how does that work? How do we allow the Goddess to work with our physical bodies to deliver messages without harm? How do we tap into her energy and remain ourselves, grounded? When can we use it to lay hands upon someone to heal? How does it become second nature? In this workshop we will work with the essence of the Goddess Auset (Isis) to channel healing messages for those around us, working in pairs and/or groups.

Join Granny Rainbow for a talk and workshop on Tarot and the Cabala.

3pm – 4pm: Sunday Scrolls with deTraci Regula
A guided reading and understanding of Fellowship of Isis Liturgies, with participation and sharing from the group.

4:30pm – 5:30pm The Weight of a Feather....Ma'at's Guide to a Spiritually Healthy Heart with Avilyn Pwyll
How to exercise truth and integrity just ten minutes a day to lighten the heart and keep the weight off (metaphorically speaking).

6pm – 7:30pm Dinner

7:30pm – 8pm: Closing Ceremonies Under the Great Tree