2017 Presenters

The Following Presenters will be at the 2017 Symposium; bios and photos will be added where only names appear.


Anandha Ray
has dedicated over 30 years to the study and creation of dance. She has produced over 300 concerts and choreographed more dances than she can count. She directed Moving Arts Dance on critically acclaimed international tours as an ambassador for the US Embassy and has received citations from the US Senate and the CA Assembly, has been inducted into the Womens Hall of Fame and as an Honorary Kentucky Colonel. She has 2 masters degrees in dance and she has served as the Chairperson/Director of University and College Dance Programs, a Studio/Theater, and a renown Community Dance Program. And now… she has created a form of dance called Shamanic Fusion Dance.

Ray has created Quimera Tribe, a growing community of Shamanic Fusion Dancers who enjoy creating and participating in a wide variety of events throughout the year. Anandha teaches teachers to teach unique classes that she developed. Through a form called Shamanic Fusion Dance we teach Tribal Secrets. These secrets are revealed in a teaching methodology Anandha created called Intuitive Technique. Another form that is taught in Anandha’s teaching methodology is called Waking Dreams and is a form that opens one’s ability to perform with authentic emotional expressiveness. Anandha CREATED the forms of teaching dance listed above, and she teaches many other classes as well. She has two Master of Arts degrees from UCLA (Dance Choreography with a second major in Kinesiology and a second masters degree in Dance Movement Therapy) and her Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education from ASU. She is a priestess in the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis.

After spending 30 years as a professional choreographer, Anandha now choreographs on:

--Professional companies
--International festival groups
--Her own community group called Quimera Tribe

Performances are ongoing throughout the year, and throughout the world. Several times a year Anandha offers retreats and immersions. These can be from 2-day immersions to weeklong retreats that are offered internationally. However, annual recurring retreats and immersions occur in Northern California, Southern California and Mexico. For more information, visit Anandharay.com


A child of nature, Since 1970, Annie Waters has been called and immersed in service to the Goddess, organizing events and sharing her teachings of the Moon Circle, Sweat Lodge, Chants and Talking Circles, and a day-long Goddess Festival in Topanga, CA in 1984.

In 1985 Annie began making Goddess Image jewelry, and her avid studies of Sacred Sites and the Ancient Divine Feminine became the background for her artistic work and business. In order to better serve and share these images, She continued to learn about the Goddess all over the world, and over and over has discovered Her to be the same Lady of 10,000 Names. Annie still creates sacred imagery in the context of her ongoing business - Ancient Circles Designs, and Open Circle, Inc.

Annie joined the Church of All Worlds in 1989, and began studying ritual form and the possibility of bridging the world of private group ritual and sacred public ritual-theater. She was privileged to learn from some of the great ritualists of our time – Anodea Judith, Oberon and Morning Glory Zell, and many others who came through the Church Gatherings. Annie was honored to be chosen as May Queen for the Isis Oasis Heretics Circle in 2000, and in that year created a number of rituals and sacred theater pieces for that group, still doing so annually. In October of 2002, she was Ordained in the Fellowship of Isis and the Temple of Isis as "Priestess of Brigit – the Multi-tasking Rainbow Goddess of the New Millennium". It was a pilgrimage to Brigit that took Annie to Ireland in 1992- meeting Lady Olivia Robertson, founder of the Fellowship of Isis - for the first time.

She has danced as Priestess of the Goddess in Her many names, in theater and ritual…Brigit, Inanna, Pele, Kali Ma, Hecate, Persephone, Saraswati, Hathor and Sophia. She now uses wonderful masks for these dances, handmade unique art pieces by Lauren Raine – their presence is a blessing for our entire Goddess community here in California.

Annie has a B.S. degree in nutrition, chemistry and biology from Michigan State University, and has continued to study and use nutritional and herbal healing to this day. Her other spiritual studies have included Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, the Lakota Pipe way, Hatha Yoga since 1970, a black belt in Aikido, and the close-up study of Grand parenting – Annie’s most favorite of all… To learn more about Annie, and read an extended bio, visit: http://www.ancientcircles.com/anniesbio.html


Arisa Victor has forty-five years of daily immersion in the mystical Cabala as presented by her beloved teachers, Paul Foster Case and Jason Lotterhand. She is the author of High School Astrology, High Magic, and creator of The Spoken Cabala. Currently, Arisa is writing two more books on Tarot. As a priestess of Isis since 1977, she offers a heart-centered, feminine understanding of Ageless Wisdom. Having delved deeply into Tarot, Astrology, and Alchemy, Lady Arisa delights in sharing these sacred teachings, which are presided over by Isis, Goddess of Magic and Mystery. To learn more about Arisa, visit her website.


Ayah Buonaugurio
has been teaching Hatha Yoga, as well as facilitating women's healing circles, ceremonial arts and sacred dances for over 12 years. Certified Yoga Instructor RYA, Initiated minister through the Fellowship of Isis as well as Ley Minister of ONACS (Native American Church). Ayah has creatively infused a lifelong path of apprenticing in healing and ceremonial arts into her passion for therapeutic movement and health. She helps others to find healingdeveloping practices that suits their individual lifestyle needs while inspiring creative expression, strong inner body awareness, and connection to Spirit.

For over a decade Ayah traveled extensively studying dance, indigenous medicine and ceremony in multicultural contexts primarily in North, Central and South America. She has apprenticed while undertaking extensive commitments with both elders and lineage carriers including members of the Fuego Sagrado de Itzachitlatlan (FSI), Abuela Malinali of the “Danza de la luna” an Aztec Mexica lineage of women in Mexico, Priestess Kalita Todd of ( FOI ) Fellowship of Isis, Brazilian healer John of God, Dona Flor herbalist of Brazil, and Dona Maria a local curendera and midwife of El-Remate, Guatemala.

Ayah has contributed to the growth and nourishment of local communities by facilitating dance classes for at-risk youth, ceremonial dances at sacred pilgrimage sites, women’s womb wellness programs, as well as individual and group healing rituals using obsidian. Additionally, she has taught and performed at regional festivals including Temple Dance Festival, Festival of the Silk Road, Nouveou Devadasi, Pranafest, Bliss Camp, Isis Oasis, and Dreamtime. She has been honored for her invitation and vision to create ceremonial dances in sacred sites. Ayah has completed 350hrs Thai Massage & Integrative Wellness therapies and currently has a strong healing practices in Marin, California. You can discover more about her specific services at: www.divinehealingmovement.com


Celestine Star is Arch Priestess, Founder/Director of the Temple of Light and Enter Dimensional Light Services (1986), now Golden Star Productions, in Marin, California. Star is an ordained Hierophant Priestess of Nephyths/Isis, Nuit and Mary Magdalene in the Order of the Fellowship and Temple of Isis, Geyserville, CA.(2010), offering her wisdom and co-partnering with Iseums and Lyceums, spiritual organizations and temples. She holds a Doctorate of Divinity, comparative religions at Northwest Ecumenical, Santa Rosa, CA. Called by many a mystical alchemist, holistic therapeutic healer, entrepreneur and grandmother Celestine has successfully offered her gifts as a speaker, educator, author, clairvoyant medium, workshop / seminar leader and spiritual guide to thousands of clients for over 30 years. Star also finds spiritual expression through the creative arts with singing, dance, poetry, writing, painting, visual arts and sacred dharmic theater.

Celestine offers Celestial Activations; empowering wisdom of the Goddess Mysteries, Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) wisdom, sacred ritual and therapeutic healing therapies. Many benefit from Star’s Celestial Readings, that open doorways into the Inner World of the Self where answers to past, present and future can come to light, blocks can be released and healing from pain and trauma can take place. She is known to many as a "Modern Prophetess" offering Celestine Prophecy Oracles to humanity for over 20 years in private and public performances.

Celestine's heritage goes back to ancient Behdet, Egypt (Currently called Damanhur) birthplace of the first known Oracle Centers in the ancient world and into her Native American Iroquois lineage. Her mother was Arch Priestess in an esoteric order, educating Celestine at an early age in the ancient art of science, Hermetic philosophy, alchemy, astrology, astronomy, exoteric / esoteric practices, Cabala and Arcane Magick. At age seven, Celestine had a “near-death” experience. It opened the way to her receiving training in Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel by Ruby Sky, an Arapaho Indian.

Star has dedicated her life to assisting in the healing, evolution and awakening of human consciousness for the betterment of humanity and Earth for generations to come. She is currently publishing her newest book, UNI-PHI: A Journey into Oneness. For an extended biography and more information about Celestine Star, please visit her website.


Christina Wells
is am a medicine woman, vocal activator, and open channel of unconditional love and light. Her life has been a journey of allowing, transforming, re-membering, and embodying my divine essence. She is an empath and highly intuitive being with the confidence to follow it, and she has no shame at claiming and owning her unique power. It is through the voice that Christina has discovered her power and activated her lightbody. Aligning herself with her truth and most authentic expression, allowing herself to shine and ring through in every moment. From this space of expansive expression and voice she holds the keys and power to her creation.

Christina channels high frequency sound codes into the field that clears and opens the channels, activates the DNA, aligning one with source energy and upgrading the genetic blueprint. She is a planetary priestess and work closely with the Hathors, Pleiadians, Isis, Gaia, Angels, Source and many others. She has studied a variety of healing modalities and she is a master of resonance. Resonance emotionally and vibrationally, traveling through the sound currents of the ancient song lines of creation. Christina is the embodiment of the divine feminine!


deTraci Regula has been a student of the sacred sciences since childhood, and explores the mystical through writing, travel, and art. After the passing of Lady Loreon Vigne, she became the Executive Director of the Temple of Isis and Isis Oasis Sanctuary, continuing the work and legacy of the late Archpriestess. An Archpriestess in the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis, she is the author of The Mysteries of Isis and the creator of the Sacred Scarab Oracle She has been a Priestess of Isis with the Fellowship of Isis since 1983 and has traveled, with sistrum in hand, to sacred sites around the world. She is also the publisher for Isis House Books.


Dragonfly Adularia is a gifted Priest in the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis, as well as a masterful energy worker, highly skilled at VortexHealing®. He is the owner of Aruna Bliss, offering extensive services in Massage, VortexHealing®, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Magical Awakening, Group Healing and Weddings. A true Wizard, Dragonfly works responsibly and powerfully to ensure the best and most positive manifestations and healings.


Kielankhamun Milner is an ordained Priest Of Ma’at in the Temple of Isis, and has been an ordained Pagan Priest and Minister for more than 30 years. In addition to fulfilling the responsibilities of an ArchDruid and Hierophant, Kiel is a Vitki, Shaman, and Healer. He is currently serving the Gods at the Temple Isis of the Stars and the Temple of Isis-Sekhmet in beautiful Dunsmuir, California. He is an honored companion of Isis, Goddess of Ten Thousand Names.


has great skill in opening the path into the magic & mystery as a lineage keeper of the Egyptian Mystery School of Thoth, created by Nicki Scully (author, lecturer). She also has several years of study with Native American teachings, Wiccan & many Earth-based traditions. Her sense of spirit comes from ancient earth wisdom, deep family traditions & organic farming. She has worked with the California organic farming community as farmer, activist & spiritual guide for over 40 years. Kalita is a marker of cycles. She offers ceremony for all of life’s passages & ritual for the turning of the Earth’s wheel through Her season & cycles. For more information, visit: www.shamanicjourneys.com/healing.php or email Kalitama.


Linda Iles is an Archpriestess in the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis, and has been fascinated with ancient myths and tales for as long as she can remember. A spiritual seeker since an early age, she experienced a 'spontaneous spiritual awakening' and subsequently was ordained as a Priestess within the Fellowship of Isis by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson. Since 1999, she has written many articles and provided presentations on Goddess-related subjects and especially on how the divine feminine manifested in ancient Egypt. She is the author of BAST: Cat Goddess of Ancient Egypt, and lives in Southern California with her husband, Jeff, and her cat, Anubis.


Marylyn Motherbear Scott, fondly called the Poet Priestess, is a published author and Goddess-in-Chief of the Magickal Cauldron, a non-profit educational and spiritual organization. The Cauldron offers experiences of magical practice and deep initiation, priesthood training and ordination, conferences and workshop events; its motto: Personal Growth on the Ecstatic Edge. Motherbear, a Priestess in Her Own Rite, High Priestess of the Cauldron and of Eleusis, and the Magickal Cauldron Mystery School, ordained in the Fellowship of Isis, the Temple of Isis, the Temple of Ishtar, and is an Elder Priestess in the Church of All Worlds.

The Cauldron is currently offering its Initiation Cycle, the Living Mysteries of Eleusis. Motherbear has been a priestess of these initiation rites for over 25 years. The Magickal Cauldron has brought these Rites, based on the Greek Rites and the Cult of Demeter, into deep resonance with those of ancient Greece.

Motherbear is Founder of the widely-popular wisdom-sharing events, Goddess Gather and Two-as-One, God and Goddess Gather Together. She has presided at the Church of All World's Wheel-of-the-Year events, at Ancient Ways presentations, Pantheacon, Bear River Sabbats, the Convocations of Isis; and at a special event that included the profound teachings of Elizabeth Kelley, Janet Seaforth, Lady Loreon, Oberon Zell, and additional Cauldron Priesthood. Birthing the True Self; Birthing the New Aeon — A Labor of Love, was a 12 hour ritual, presented at Isis Oasis on Winter Solstice on 12-12-12. She was a featured ritualist and poet at the Mendocino Goddess Festival in 2012; and for 7 years, at Burning Man's Temple of Ishtar, Women's Temple, Earth Tribe, and at Sacred Spaces where she created the Temple of the Red Root.

Marylyn Motherbear Scott has been a featured poet in the East Bay and in diverse NoCA's venues. She is published in "Circle Round" (by Anne Hill and Starhawk); in Beyond Absence: A Treasury Of Poems, Quotations, And Readings On Death And Remembrance (by Edward Searl), in Home Cooking by Oberon and Morning Glory Zell, in Green Egg and in Coreopsis. She has a poetry chapbook, Love's Journey, and a short fiction Dragonslayer's Daughter. Featured in Daughters of Aquarius: Women of the Sixties Counterculture, author Gretchen Lemke-Santagelo says, Marylyn Motherbear Scott is “a woman whose contributions altered the landscape [by bringing] natural childbirth and mothering, New Age spiritual beliefs, eco-feminism, holistic health and sustainable agriculture into the national discourse.”


Michael Starsheen is an ordained Archpriest in the Fellowship of Isis, and runs the Temple/Lyceum of Isis of the Stars in Dunsmuir, CA. He is the author of two books, Mythic Voices and Universal Alchemy, as well as study guides for the FOI mystery dramas. He teaches classes in the Tarot, astrology, Reiki, and other topics, and has written for a number of FOI magazines. He is currently working on a Ph.D. In Psychology. To learn more about Michael Starsheen, visit his Facebook page, or purchase his books here..


Rain Graves is an ordained High Priestess of Isis, Bast, and Sekhmet in the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis. The title of High Priestess comes from Lady Loreon Vigne, and is not a formal designation in today's TOI. She was recognized as a Grand Dame Commander in the Grand Commander Union in the Fellowship of Isis, one third of the triad of the Archpriesthood Unions which concentrates on conservation. She is a tarot specialist and intuitive medium, with regular clients across the United States. Rain works out of the Temple of Isis at Isis Oasis in Geyserville, California and her Extension Program in Houston Texas. Always on-call for specific rites, Temples, Iseums and Lyceums, she goes wherever called by the Goddess. In January of 2014, she founded the Iseum of the Awakened Ab in San Francisco, and is a Temple Guardian and in charge of Extended Community Outreach at Isis Oasis Sanctuary.

Using High Magic principals and astrology, she builds and conducts sacred ritual and meaningful connections from human-to-Goddess or animal-to-Goddess, as an oracle for specific messages and direction, as well as dedication. Her call to Isis began very young, at the age of two, and she has spent a lifetime of learning, beginning with Christian, Jewish, and Catholic faiths, moving through her teens with volunteering at a Native American youth organization, and finally, becoming ordained to Isis in a final push from Lady Loreon Vigne, after a decade of in-depth work within the Egyptian Pantheon. Unrelated to her ministries, she is also an award-winning author of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror, as well as a commissioned poet to wine-makers and wineries. For more information about Rain, visit her spiritual website here.


Serena Toxicat is a Priestess of Bast/Bastet, and founder of the Temple of Bast in Oakland, California, where Bast's mysteries are taught and experienced through regular ritual, inspiring moments, and healing circles for humans and felines alike. She is a Reiki Master, and Certified Life-Coach, and the creator of Manul-Fest, a benefit for the Pallas Cat Rescues, the first of which was held in 2013. She is an avid artist, writer, and channel for the Divine Feline. Visit the Temple of Bast Facebook page for more information.